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Resolved Question: Where can I find a hot pink bath rug/mat?
I'm doing a dark brown/hot pink themed bathroom and I need a hot pink bath rug for my new apartment. I've looked at a lot of stores, and online, and can't seem to find anything but I know they exist because my little sister has one in her bathroom at home. 10 points to the first person to find me a hot pink bath rug and post a link! Answers without links are fine but probably won't help me as much as I need. Thanks!

Resolved Question: Where can I buy a bath rug/mat that absorbs water well?
I need one for the outside of the bath/shower. I have a regular small rug but it gets soaked easily. Ive heard about ones you get that are supposed to absorb water well. Any idea where I can get one? No offense, but the sham wow sucks. A friend of mine got it and its no better than a regular towel.

Resolved Question: What is the best way to clean bath mats, bath contour rugs, and toilet lid covers? And how often?

Resolved Question: Where can I find a patterned bathroom rug/bath mat/washable rug?
I need a pretty brightly coloured patterned bathroom rug. I can only find plain ones. Does anyone know where I can get one.

Resolved Question: Right now I use bath mats (like small rugs) in front of the bathtub/shower?
whenever I am in the bathroom, I notice there is the rugs are still wet and there usually is water on the bathroom floor near the bathtub/shower. my bathroom has no windows. I was wondering, will the bath rugs dry faster if they were replaced w plastic bath mats? by "dry faster i mean i no longer want a layer of water/water to be on the mats thanks

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