Bathroom Scales

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Resolved Question: Accurate bathroom scale?
What is more accurate/reliable: An analog or a digital bathroom scale?

Resolved Question: Physics question - bathroom scales?
My Dad told me that our bathroom scales aren't accurate because we live in the 6th floor of a high rise building. It gives a different reading in each room (I make sure I'm not on carpet) and even if you use the same spot, it takes a lot for it to change, when I know I'm not the weight it says. I tried googling this but no matter how I phrase my question, I can't find anything remotely related. Can anyone shed any light on whether its the building influencing my scales? Thanks.

Resolved Question: How accurate are bathroom scales?
I know that each bathroom scale's measurements vary, but more specifically, how accurate are the body fat percentage readings? And what are the main guidelines of healthy body fat percentage?

Resolved Question: Problem with bathroom scale!?
First off its NOT digital and Its not starting on zero. For example lets say my scale only weighs to 300 pounds then next is zero so its off by 5 pounds do I subtract or add 5 pounds when I weigh myself

Resolved Question: Linear kinetics, bathroom scale?
larry stands on a bathroom scale while riding up in an elevator. his mass is 75 kg. at the current time the scale reads 150lb. assuming the upward direction is regarded as positive, answer the following. a.) what is larry's acceleration in m/s^2 b.) what is happening to the elevator at this instant? (speeding up, slowing down, moving constant) c.) what is magnitide of the ground reaction force acting on Larry (in N)? thanks for the help!! any work and answers would be greatly appreciated!

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