Bathroom Shelves

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Resolved Question: For decor in a bathroom....shelves or drawers?
Think of decor for me bathroom. Think of adding a shelf to put candles on or something nice....or is it better to drawers that look nice and just store stuff.

Resolved Question: Bathroom shelf needed, please help!?
Hello Yahoo friends, Our bathroom is small and is ALL white tiled. We need to add a shelf or some kind of storage unit to the bathroom for cotton balls, Qtips, lotions, soaps etc. Our under the sink cabinet is full. You're thinking well then get one of those over the toilet shelve units right? Here's where we have run into a problem.... All of those shelves are TOO wide over 23 inches wide. We only have 18" width between the wall and sink. I would like to add one of those pretty glass shelves but our bathroom is all Tiles and we live in a rental apartment in NY. Can anyone suggest what we can do or what we can use? Any feedback would be great! thanks.

Resolved Question: How high should i install a bathroom shelf and towel bar?
I want to install a glass shelf above a towel bar. (above the toilet) I am getting a handyman to put them up and I will need to know exactly where to place them. How far from the floor should the towel rack (only one bar) be? How far above the towel rack should the glass shelf be? Hope someone handy can help. thanks

Resolved Question: Decorating ideas for a built in bathroom shelf?
We just bought a house and in the bathroom is a built in floor to ceiling shelf, about 7ft tall, but the shelfs are pretty narrow, maybe 4 inches. I'm trying to figure out what the h*ll to put on them, I figure candles would be nice, but what about the rest of the space? Someone mentioned picture frames, but to me pictures in a bathroom is a bit creepy. My mom mentioned nick-nacks, but I don't know about that either. The rest of our bathroom things are put in cabinets, out of veiw. I just want something cool to put on it, because it just seems so bare right now. Thanks

Resolved Question: How Can I remove Black Mold from A Bathroom Shelf?
I was just cleaning out my bathroom when I found some black mold in a shelf whitch the prevous owner of my house just covered up with cheap wallpaper.(A S S Hole.) anyway, how can I get rid of the mold without tearing out the shelf below the sink?

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