Bathroom Tumblers

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Bathroom Tumblers
Resolved Question: Bathroom tumbler?
At basically any hardware store you can buy like a bathroom set with like a toothbrush and soap holder, some of them some with a tumbler. What is the tumbler and is it a must have?

Resolved Question: Are you supposed to actually drink out of a bathroom tumbler?
I've just recently purchased a bathroom set, as I'm moving out in October, and I always thought they were for you to get a swig of water from, but my brother is telling me your not supposed to?

Resolved Question: Purpose of a bathroom tumbler?
What is the purpose of a bathroom tumbler? Is it for rinsing after brushing? Does it hold Q-Tips? I bought it because it went with the set, but don't know what to do with it!!!

Resolved Question: What is a bathroom tumbler cup used for?

Resolved Question: What's the purpose of a bathroom tumbler cup?

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