Bathroom Wastebaskets

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Resolved Question: Where could this water in my bathroom wastebasket come from?
I came home and the wastebasket was full to the brim with water and the two bathroom rugs are soaked. The carpet outside the bathroom isn't wet. (I'm in a downstairs apartment). There's no sign of moisture from the ceiling. What could have caused this? I live alone and was only gone for 3 hours today. The shower was last used 12 hours ago. The waste basket is located between the sink and the toilet. I'm assuming the floor around the rugs is not wet because it already evaporated.

Resolved Question: Why do the stalls in some women's bathrooms have a wastebasket inside of them?
Men's don't.

Resolved Question: I went to go empty my bathroom wastebasket, and noticed there were little white/beige worms...?
What the heck are they!!! I am so freaked out right now. I'm trying to think of what was in my trash that could have attracted them. Cat food? Tampons (gross, sorry)? Eww .. does this mean my cat or I have a parasite? I've never seen bugs like that before.....

Resolved Question: What is a cheap theme for a bathroom?
We're redoing our bathroom, and I want to get rid of the childish fish shower curtains. Right now our bathroom doesn't have a theme- just a bunch of stuff we got on sale. I would like to make it nicer but I'm not sure where to start. Any ideas?

Resolved Question: Where can I buy a decorative wastebasket or trashcan for my bathroom that closes or has a lid?
I am redecorating my bathroom and I found all of these really pretty, fancy, girly, decorative, fun bath ensembles and accessories but all of the wastebaskets or trashcans don't close or have lids. I need one that does and all of the ones I have seen that close are plain, boring, and ugly. I've only seen plain metal and stainless steel and spongebob ones and those aren't what I am looking for. I don't want to buy online either. unfortunately, i don't have a homesense or winners near me. I am in chandler, az

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