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Resolved Question: Rehabbing and wholesaling junkers???
Just got into wholesaling and rehabbing junkers. Are there any experienced rehabbers who can break down the approx cost of repairs i.e replacing a kitchen, bathroom, electric, siding, furnace, water heater, carpet paint, windows, plumbing etc. We are getting good deals, but our repair costs have been off and we need help???

Resolved Question: I'm building my own home. Where is a good place to buy wholesale sinks, fans, toilets etc...?

Resolved Question: Where can i find items wholesale?
i do a lot of furnished rooms, so i am looking for a place where i can buy my items wholesale and at wholesale prices, (eg) appliances, stove, fridge, microwave, sheet sets, window curtains, rugs for bathroom and kitchen, coffee maker. please help me

Resolved Question: Any know of good discount or wholesale stores?
I need to buy lots of different things for my house. Mainly appliances, some furniture, new flooring, paint, new bathroom fixtures etc. Ive looked at lowes, home depot, and any others I can check out? Thanks!

Resolved Question: Idea bout my own bathroom?
so in my house we have 2 bathrooms. ones my parents in their room and the other ones mine n my sisters, its like in a corner near our room and .. my sister all moved out so i got the bathroom all to myself, i can finally put out all my stuff. any ideas of kool things i can do i also got the toilet to myself aswell.. haha ive got purple rug things. and the wall is this very light green not the yucky green. and cream tiles and half way up the walls. (if that makes sense?).. i cant paint it or anything.. wat can i do to make it mine n cool

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