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Resolved Question: Bathroom tile shower wall?
I have a shower cabinet that u hang on the shower wall. In my old place was regular drywall. I moved to my new place That has tile walls, I used the mounting tape as well as calk. It lasted for one day. The cabinet is small it holds a shampoo, conditioner and body wash, as well as 2 small spaces to put toothbrushes razors or small items the whole thing weights about 10 lbs, when other items are put on. The self adhesive tape got wet, n calk wad gooey. What will hold on tile?

Resolved Question: Things for new apartment?
My boyfriend and I are getting an apartment in a month or so and we're trying to make a list of things we will need. I'm not talking about end tables, beds, or sofas. I mean dishes, towels, ect. Any suggestions?

Resolved Question: What are essential/best baby items to have as a new parent? What's junk? What's invaluable? Hints? Tips?
(Sorry this is so long! Many thanks in advance to those who reply!) We are at week 34 awaiting the arrival of our Babygirl. Gifts and hand-me-downs are starting to come in that we're marking off the "need to get" list (per Babies R Us). We still have lots we need to get, so I wanted to ask for your opinions. For all those moms and dads out there, I have attached, below, the Babies R Us "Parents Checklist." What is necessary? What is not? What is invaluable? What did you get on a whim and are eternally grateful for having? What turned out to be nothing but junk? What brands are the best (i.e., I hear that Boudreaux's "Butt Paste" is the best there is)? I'm starting to scout out Craigslist and eBay for deals (who the heck knew breast pumps were unbelievably expensive??? At least I can get new, in box items from eBay and save a few if I watch like a hawk!). If any of you have insights that you would share, we would be very grateful. Thanks! THE LIST Infant Care Safety 𐀀 Monitor 𐀀 Cabinet/Drawer Latches 𐀀 Safety Gates 𐀀 Outlet Covers 𐀀 Travel Mirror 𐀀 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Nursing/Feeding 𐀀 Breastpump 𐀀 Breast Pads 𐀀 Breast Cream 𐀀 Breastmilk Storage Containers or Bags 𐀀 Breastfeeding Shawl 𐀀 Nursing Pillow 𐀀 Burping Cloths 𐀀 6-12 Cloth Diapers 𐀀 6 Lap Pads 𐀀 6-8 Bottles for Formula, Juice and Water 𐀀 Bottle Warmer 𐀀 Bottle Sterilizer 𐀀 Bottle Drying Rack 𐀀 Bottle Brush 𐀀 Dishwasher Caddy 𐀀 Insulated Tote 𐀀 Feeder for Strained Foods 𐀀 8-12 Bibs 𐀀 Pacifiers 𐀀 Baby Mittens 𐀀 Rattles 𐀀 Teethers 𐀀 Books for Parents-To-Be Baby Care 𐀀 Nail Clippers 𐀀 Brush and Comb 𐀀 Digital Thermometer 𐀀 Ear Thermometer 𐀀 First Aid Kit 𐀀 Humidifier/Vaporizer 𐀀 Diaper Pail 𐀀 Diaper Pail Refills Bath 𐀀 Baby Bathtub 𐀀 Baby Bath Sponge 𐀀 4 Hooded Bath Towels 𐀀 12 Washcloths 𐀀 Bath Toys Toiletries 𐀀 Body Wash 𐀀 Shampoo 𐀀 Lotion 𐀀 Baby Oil 𐀀 Alcohol Swabs 𐀀 Cotton Swabs 𐀀 Diaper Ointment 𐀀 Petroleum Jelly 𐀀 Cotton Balls Diapers/Formula 𐀀 Diapers 𐀀 Formula 𐀀 Baby Wipes 𐀀 Travel Wipes 𐀀 Wipes Warmer 𐀀 Diaper Bags (small & large) 𐀀 Baby Changing Mat Baby Gear Car Seats 𐀀 Infant Car Seat 𐀀 Convertible Car Seat 𐀀 Booster Car Seat 𐀀 Strap Covers 𐀀 Neck Wings 𐀀 Head Support 𐀀 Full-Body Support 𐀀 Baby Sunshade 𐀀 Car Seat Toys 𐀀 Additional Infant Car Seat Base 𐀀 Car Seat Undermat 𐀀 Infant Car Seat Carrier Cover Strollers 𐀀 Travel System 𐀀 Full-Size Stroller 𐀀 Umbrella Stroller 𐀀 Jogging Stroller 𐀀 Convenience Stroller 𐀀 Stroller Toys 𐀀 Stroller Netting 𐀀Weather Shield 𐀀 Stroller Blanket Entertainers/Swings 𐀀 Full-Size Swing 𐀀 Travel Swing 𐀀 Activity Jumper 𐀀 Jumper 𐀀 Stationary Entertainer 𐀀 Bouncer/Rocker 𐀀 Baby Carrier 𐀀 Infant Positioner Play Yards 𐀀 Play Yard/Travel Yard 𐀀 2-3 Play Yard/Travel Yard Sheets 𐀀 Play Yard/Travel Yard Netting High Chairs 𐀀 High Chair 𐀀 Booster Seat 𐀀 Splat Mat 𐀀 High Chair Cover 𐀀 Extra High Chair Pad Nursery Cradles/Bassinets 𐀀 Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib 𐀀 Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib Bedding Set 𐀀 2-3 Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib Sheets 𐀀 Bassinet Netting Nursery Furniture 𐀀 Crib 𐀀 Changing Table 𐀀 Armoire/Chifforobe 𐀀 Dresser/Chest 𐀀 Hutch 𐀀 Glider or Upholstered Rocker 𐀀 Ottoman 𐀀 Blanket Chest Mattresses 𐀀 Crib Mattress 𐀀 Cradle/Bassinet Mattress 𐀀 Portable Crib Mattress 𐀀 3 Crib Mattress Pads 𐀀 Vinyl Mattress Cover Bedding/Room DΓ©cor (separates) 𐀀 Crib Bedding Set (including bumper) 𐀀 4-6 Fitted Crib Sheets 𐀀 4-6 Blankets 𐀀 4-6 Receiving Blankets 𐀀 4-6 Waterproof Pads 𐀀 4-6 Sheet Savers 𐀀 Changing Table Pad 𐀀 2-4 Changing Table Covers 𐀀 2-4 Baskets/Storage Bins 𐀀 Wall Hanging 𐀀 Switchplate Cover 𐀀 Crib Mobile 𐀀 Lamp 𐀀 Wall Border 𐀀 Window Valance 𐀀 Diaper Stacker 𐀀 Rug 𐀀 Hamper 𐀀 Sleep Positioner Toys/Gifts Toys, Books & Music 𐀀 Crib Toys 𐀀 Activity Toys 𐀀 Toy Box 𐀀 Baby Gym 𐀀 Books 𐀀 Playmat 𐀀 DVDs 𐀀 CDs Keepsakes 𐀀 Frames 𐀀 Baby Book 𐀀 Photo Albums 𐀀 Thank You Notes 𐀀 Camera 𐀀 Announcements Apparel Infant Clothing (various sizes) 𐀀 Homecoming Outfit 𐀀 9-12 Bodysuits 𐀀 2-4 Cap and Bootie Sets 𐀀 4-6 Side-Snap Shirts 𐀀 4-6 Pullover Shirts 𐀀 6-8 Stretch Sleepers 𐀀 3-6 Cotton Overalls 𐀀 3 Gowns 𐀀 Socks 𐀀 12-24 Clothing Hangers

Resolved Question: Disability and organizing your home?
one thing I always find hard is organizing my home and keeping things tidy. There is such a diverse group in this section I'm interested to see how you organize your space to help make life with a disability a little easier. Sometimes the organizational needs of a physical disability, or learning disability, or sensory disability, or Autism spectrum disability, or mental disability are very unique so please share your expertise and that way we can help each other out. please share your tips, secrets or hints.

Open Question: Should I choose the rooms upstairs or down stairs?
I am moving. My new has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I want opinions on what bedroom and bathroom I should take. I have 2 options. One is upstairs and one is downs stairs. So here is the problem. I initially wanted the bedroom upstairs because its big. But the bathroom upstairs is smaller and the only storage space is under the sink. There is no wall space for a cabinet or anything. Then there's down stairs. The bath room is nicer, bigger and has a linen closet, and more space under the sink than the other bathroom. AND I can actually get one of those corner shower caddy pole into this shower so that's even more storage. Which I cant do upstairs because the ceilings are slanted at the top. BUT the bedroom down stairs are TINY. So what would you go with? Having the whole upstairs to yourself and having a big room, but smallish bathroom with no storage space. Or would u go with the room and bathroom down stairs. where the bathroom is big and has lots of storage but the bedroom is really small. BTW the other bathrooms are on the other side of the house down stairs. One is in the master bedroom of course and the other is like a "powder room" right next to the kitchen and living room, for company. Its just me, my mom, and dad. So I don't have to share the bathroom. But I still would like the storage for towels, products, and other stuff that I keep in the bathroom.

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