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Resolved Question: Name as many bath/shower items as you can!?
Who ever names more bath/shower items first, gets 12 points! THANKS!

Resolved Question: Angel Tree ideas, dress up and bath items?
I pulled a gift for a 5 year old girl, but the card just says dress up and bath items. It also does not give her size. Dress up what? What kind of bath items would a 5 year old need? Any help will do, thanks.

Resolved Question: Throwing a baby shower, mom requesting diapers and bath items. Can I put "diaper & bath baby shower"?
"please join us for diaper & bath baby shower honoring.....xx mom's name xx"

Resolved Question: What are the essential baby items needed for a new baby? i hope i havent missed anything out in regards to the
nursery, bath items, toys etc

Resolved Question: Can I bring sample size make up/bath items on my flight?
I have a Birchbox subscription so I have a decent amount of small samples of make up, lotions, shampoo, ect and am traveling to Norway. I know the rules about putting liquid items in a plastic bag but can I put the items in my checked luggage? I'd still bag it just in case. Thanks!

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