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Resolved Question: Redecorating bathroom with beach theme, where could I get plaques or signs of surf comps? Ex. Bllabong, Hurley?
Like a metal sign or a wood plaque or something of the major surf companies to hang in my bathroom. I'm mainly looking for billabong, hurley, rip curl, o'neil, roxy, quiksilver and reef. Thanks for the help.

Resolved Question: What paint should I use on MDF plaques?
I have just bought some small plaques from e-bay, to make door signs e.g bathroom, study etc and they are made of MDF. What is the best sort of paint to paint them with and does anyone know of any craft sites where I can get ideas on what to put on them?

Resolved Question: My dog is eating but cries on occasion, he's not distended and is using the bathroom normally.?
He won't let us look at his mouth though so I don't know if it is a tooth or something else. He's an English Bulldog & is 5 (I know their life span is not as long as other dogs). I know I need to take him to the vet, but can't until I get paid (my vet won't work w/me). I'm making his food softer for him but not sure what else to do. He's my baby.

Resolved Question: How does an photographer sign their work to be sold?
in pencil or pen? bottom left, bottom right? date? acid free pen, if so which one? is it different for a gallery? whole name, initials or first name last initial?

Open Question: Can someone please help me out with my CV?
It is a shop that sells things like: garden things ornaments home lighting furniture bed & bathroom kitchen & dining plaques & signs chairs & ta Can someone write me a suited personal profile for this that would make me sound right for the job and also what my skills and abilities would need to be. Thank you (if you do it)

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