Shower Curtain Hooks

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Resolved Question: How do I make metal shower curtain hooks slide better on a metal rod?
I have both the shower hooks and the rod in a satin nickel finish and the hooks don't slide smoothly on the rod. Is there something I can put on the rod to help?

Resolved Question: Asking again....metal ball shower curtain hooks?
I originally posted this question but the leads I got didn't provide me with what I am looking for. I am looking for a wholesale dealer that can supply me with metal shower curtain hooks. They have a metal ball on one end that is about 1/2" in diameter. Some I have seen have a small ball on the end but that is not important to me. Here is a link to what I am looking for. ANY help would be appreciated. I have looked all over the net and have not found any for less then what I get them for at Walmart. I found one company in New York selling these for $3 a set. However, when I ordered them they told me they were not able to get them anymore. All the ones I see online are more than what I pay at Wlamart and thats $8.99. I asked several area stores including Walmart and Meijer if they give discounts on large order and they don't so I am hoping someone reading this post can help me. Thanks for listening.

Resolved Question: What could someone be doing in the bathroom that would take the shower curtain off the hooks?
I have one roommate. Every time I use the bathroom after he showers, the shower curtain is off at least three hooks every time. I cannot figure it out. When I use the shower I have no problem with the shower curtain or the hooks. When I ask him jokingly, "what were you doing? trying to get out of there in a hurry? were you clawing at the curtain?" he chuckles and says: "oh, I didn't even know it came off..." Someone give me an answer, or a guess... I have a few guess but it doesn't make sense. I tug and pull and cannot get it off the hooks when I try to. So even if he is taking it off himself... why? Anyone... I've been wondering about this for 4 months.

Resolved Question: Where to find chicago white sox shower curtain hooks?
im looking for chicago white sox shower curtain hooks, ive been to many websites but cannot for the life of me find the white sox. any suggestions??

Resolved Question: Shower curtain hooks?
I have metal shower curtain hooks that are now rusting, how do I get rid of the rust??

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