Fabric Shower Curtains

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Fabric Shower Curtains
Resolved Question: How would i get red lipstick out of a fabric shower curtain?
how would i get red lipstick out of a fabric shower curtain? Fast answers please.

Resolved Question: If I was going to have my mom make a fabric shower curtain how many yards of fabric would I need?
also are there paterns for that or is she just gonna have to wing it?

Resolved Question: Is it possible to make a fabric shower curtain out of a bed sheet?

Resolved Question: I need help with my Fabric Shower Curtain!?
So I just bought a nice Fabric Shower Curtain. I was wondering what kind of liner do I get? A plastic one? I saw they had fabric liners? I dont know I'm just wondering if anyone knows the curtain was nearly 30.00 so I want it to look nice! Any tips please!

Resolved Question: What is a good product to remove mildew from fabric shower curtain?
Looking for something I can apply to inner curtain, or to washing machine, that will remove the black mildew along the bottom of it. It's a beige color, if it matters.

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