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Resolved Question: How to clean shower head?

Resolved Question: Switching out a shower head ?
I want to change my shower head to a handheld so I can use a shower chair (I can't use the bathtub anymore). I have done this before, but this old shower head doesn't want to come loose. I don't want to scratch the finish or break something as this is an apartment. I have the proper wrench but what can I wrap around the old shower head to increase the "grip" and keep it from scratching. Thanks.

Resolved Question: How do I remove a stuck shower head?
I'm trying to replace a shower head with a nicer, new one. I've tried with all my strength, but it simply will not budge. then i tried to remove the stem and the same thing, its stuck, i heard WD-40 should do the trick but i don't know if it will really help and also is there a special wrench that i can use in this case instead of pliers? Thanks.

Resolved Question: Wide & wonderful shower head?
Last summer we visited a motel with a wide diameter shower head that was like heaven to stand under. Does anyone know of what this kind of shower head is called? Like a name brand, maybe? I want to get one for my hubby for Christmas. Are they hard to attach or do you need a plumber?

Resolved Question: Replacing my shower head?
i pulled old shower head off and the shower stem comming from wall is do i get some kind of adapter because new shower head has nothing to screw onto..any suggertions? ok so how to i replace the shower stem? just unscrew it?

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