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Resolved Question: What do you do when the dish washer soap dispenser doesn't open when it's supposed to?
We have a fairly new dish washer( 2 yrs old), every time I run the watch it seems like the soap dispenser doesn't open. (I use the little packets of liquid/ powder). What can I do to fix the problem? Thanks!!

Resolved Question: Soap dispenser problems?
My kitchen sink has a soap dispenser for dish soap. After I use it there is always soap around the bottom of the dispenser when it attaches to the sink. It happens if I wipe it totally dry after use. I go back several hours later and there it is. I can't figure out why.

Resolved Question: For an in-sink soap dispenser, do you have it filled with hand soap or dish soap?
I don't like to use dish soap as hand soap because it makes my hands too dry. I am thinking of just putting my hand soap in the dispenser and leaving my dish soap under the counter, but I wanted to see what other people do!

Resolved Question: My decorative soap dispenser continually leaks drops of soap.?
Any ideas on how to fix it? It is so pretty, but the drops and clots of soap on the counter and coming out of the spout are not. Thank you! Any ideas that involve actually putting soap in the dispenser and using it?

Resolved Question: Is soap dispenser good or bad in a kitchen?
I am installing new granite counter top and wondering if I should install soap dispenser as well with the faucet. Is it really a good and useful addition for a kitchen? Is soap dispenser any convenient than say a regular dispenser or even detergent bottle on the counter? I am thinking if I don't install it, I will have more free space on counter top. I do usually wash dishes and big pots in the sink but I often pour detergent into the pots or on the mop so I don't know if a fixed dispenser would be all that helpful other than claiming space on my counter top?

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