Bathroom Tissue Box Covers

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Open Question: Zebra Print Bathroom accessories?
Does anybody know any sites where I can find bathroom accessories that are zebra print? [Tissue Box Cover, Toothbrush holder, Soap Dish,.. all in zebra print... ? Thanks in Advance

Resolved Question: Why are Kleenex boxes feminized?
I have a illustrated kleenex box in my bathroom covered in whispy roses and other floral blooms bursting from all corners of the box. I'm a single guy living alone, and don't want a large box with bad drawings of roses and lilacs as bathroom decoration. A guest may think I'm into roses or something? Why do the tissue companies insist on printing most of their boxes with these feminine whispy drawings of flowers? Are tissues inherently feminine? Guys blow their nose too?

Resolved Question: What is some important things u need for a girls bathroom? ?
im moving and i get my own bathroom instead of sharing with my brother. and i need to know what to get because i dont want to forget anything because its a hassle going back and forth from the store. dont just say "toothpaste and toothbrush." cause yeah. i mean like, full sink, full toilet, full cabinet, full shower, and full bath nesscecities. thank you! 😀 xx

Resolved Question: Ladies, how many of you will...?
...throw aside box after box of facial tissues on the store shelf, trying to find one that isn't butt ugly and matches your bathroom decor? I caught myself doing it today. Why do they have to make the boxes so dang ugly?

Resolved Question: Bathroom Redecorateting?
Ok I wanna Redecorate my bath room any ideas of what they theme could be ?

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