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Resolved Question: How do I clean a gold plated toilet brush holder?
I have a wall mounted gold plated toilet brush holder. I have noticed a build up of what I assume is room spray and possibly urine(?). The appearance is of a dried liquid, and feels rough to the touch. I have tried some hot soapy water, and a good rub,but that hasn`t worked. Has anyone got any suggestions. I live in the UK.

Resolved Question: Would you be okay with purchasing a modified human skull to use as a toilet brush holder?
The skull would be legally obtained and still look like a would just be missing the top part so that the toilet brush could be concealed inside of it.

Resolved Question: Does anyone know where I can buy a toilet brush holder that is in the shape of a dog and is procelain?
I am looking for a toilet brush holder that is either ceramic or porcelain and is in the shape of a dog. My mother had one but it broke and we can't find where to buy it again. She got in in the states. We are in Canada. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

Resolved Question: What is the most unusual gift you have ever received?
I got a ceramic duck toilet brush holder.

Resolved Question: How do you clean a wall-mounted toilet brush holder?
I notice some gross stuff and lots of water in my toilet brush holder. I want to clean it but the darn thing is attached to the wall. I've tried moving it around to see if it can be removed at all, without success. How do people normally clean these types of toilet brush holders? There has to be an easy way to do it, otherwise how are you supposed to get rid of the water dripping from the brush? I don't want to unscrew the whole thing from the wall -.- It's pretty gross inside so I don't really wanna touch it.. And I'm living in a college dorm, so the holder's already built in.

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