Toilet Seats

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Resolved Question: Best round toilet seat?

Resolved Question: Paint advice for toilet seats.?
Anyone have advice on the proper paint to use for repainting a wooden toilet seat? -If you know the process that'd be awesome too. Trying to help my elderly parents out in their home. Thanks!

Resolved Question: Replacing toilet seats?
Can any toilet seat fit on any toilet. I need to replace all of mine.

Resolved Question: Value of a toilet seat?
If the federal government used to pay almost a $1000 for a toilet seat for the military what does it cost now with our weak dollar? and to make it worse that money is now made by a Chinese company instead of American Tim it is a hypothetical price didn't you know that the military has always way overpaid for $1200 hammers that were so badly made that the troops asked people back home to send them real ones P.S I'm not blaming any particular party just the fact that it happens

Resolved Question: Have you seen this toilet seat?? :)?
I found a toilet seat in a shop which i forgot the name of and fell in love with it. it was really expensive so i didnt buy it but i regret it now and wish i had... can you tell me if you've seen it?? tell me the name of the website/shop. on the lid is a picture of a cactus. the seat is green and has big cactus spikes on it... It sounds funny but if you could find it i would love you forever!!!!!!! 🙂

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