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Resolved Question: Maggot in toothbrush holder?
I clean my bathroom often, two-to three times a week. Today I was cleaning it and I realized I always forget to clean out my toothbrush holder. I dumped the toothbrush holder out in the sink, and these little dark colored maggot looking things came out! 🙁 I was disgusted. I threw the toothbrush holder away. How did I get these maggots if I keep my bathroom clean? And how can I prevent them from happening again? Also, what type of maggot/bug do you think it could be? Please help!

Resolved Question: Where can I buy a toothbrush holder?
I'm going to college in a few days and I need to buy a toothbrush holder. I've looked at target, kmart, bed bath and beyond and couldn't find one. Where the hell can I find this stupid thing?!

Resolved Question: Toothbrush holder?
how can I decorate the unused toothbrush that is built on the wall.

Resolved Question: What type of plastic is used in toothbrush holders?
Also, Is there a plastic that has antiseptic properties?

Resolved Question: Can you help me find a toothbrush holder for a family larger than four?
I have a family of five and I have had no luck finding a toothbrush holder that fits our family. Every one I see holds only 4 toothbrushes. It has now become an obsession and a mission which I must complete! I need help from someone who either has a larger one or has seen them before. So far I have already looked in the following stores: Target Bed Bath & Beyond KMart WalMart Anna's Linens Sears JCPenny

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