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Resolved Question: Odors in bath towels?
My ex used to use olive oil for a bath-oil and now I have several towels that smell like stale oil. Is there any way to remove this odor? I've tried washing the towels in dish detergent and it didn't work. Anyone know any way to salvage my lovely, but smelly, towels? Ex's cooties! That's true and darn funny!

Resolved Question: Super soft bath towels?
We got these amazing, super soft bath towels as an engagement present. They tag says "Feather Touch" and that it's 100% cotton. We've searched several stores, and can't find this brand or anything even remotely as soft and nice. So I have two questions: 1. What is it that makes a towel so soft and cuddly and nice? Is it that it's 100% cotton? Is there some property, like a thread count for towels, to look for? 2. Where can we find these Feather Touch towels? The company seems to be in Europe, and we can't find any suppliers in the US.

Resolved Question: How do you buy bath towels?
i'm moving into my first apartment and realized i need to buy bath towels. i am overwhelmed by the choices at linens and things, bed bath and beyond, and i want the best deal i can find for a high quality product. i don't even know what to look for. please help.

Resolved Question: What to do w/old bath towels?
Hello! Anyone know what to do with old bath towels (even after a wash there's still some smell on it)?

Resolved Question: Is there a bath towel that dries fast?
Our bathroom has a fan (which we use) and also a window which is partly opened but our bath towels never seem to dry out? Is there a bath towel that dries out faster? The towels are cold and still damp when you go to use them and also get smelly very fast cause they are damp! help!

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