Beach Towels

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Resolved Question: Where can I buy GIANT beach towels?
My boyfriend has a huge beach towel that's almost like a blanket. We love that towel because we do use it as a blanket by the pool lol. I can't find anything like it and his is quite old. Anyplace online where they are reasonably priced? Thanks 🙂

Resolved Question: Beach towel or bath towel?
If you could take only one towel for swimming and washing, which would you take?

Resolved Question: Looking for plush beach towels?
I went shopping for nice plush beach towels and just didn't find what I wanted. Anyone have a site or has anyone ordered towels from here? Thanks!

Resolved Question: How can i keep my beach towel soft?
its already summer and i aldready bought some nice soft beack towels... but dont want the same thing to happen over and over again... how will i keep my beach towels soft... after i wash my beach towels ... like 2-3 times there not soft anymore... any help?!?

Resolved Question: American Flag beach towel?
I want one, but is this disrespectful at all? I remember hearing that the flag shouldn't touch the ground...does this count? Thanks for the info guys. I won't be getting one

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