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Resolved Question: Rolled up towel on bathroom counter.?
You know when you have hand towels rolled up on a bathroom counter...like, in fancy hotels or restaurants? How do you roll it? They have a special way so it wont come undone when you place it neatly on your counter.

Resolved Question: Sheets, towels and bathroom mats?
how often do you wash your sheets, towels and bathroom floor mats? i am doing it once a week... is that ok?

Resolved Question: Why do women put towels in the bathroom you can't use?
The towels are in the bathroom, but I can't use them to dry my hands?! hmmm..

Resolved Question: Paper or regular towels in bathroom for party?
My sister is getting married on some campground that's in the family. The land has two unisex bathrooms, each with a sink. We of course plan to clean it up nicely before the wedding and make sure it's well-stocked with toilet paper and hand soap, but we're unsure what to do about hand towels. My first instinct was to just put a few regular hand towels in each bathroom, but then I started imagining them getting damp with 100 or so people filing in and out of each one and that just grossed me out! I also thought about rolling some up and putting them in baskets so that guests could help themselves to a new one if needed, but I don't want hand towels all over the floor. The only other obvious alternative is paper towels, but that just seems really low brow for an event like a wedding. Note: we are renting a tent so the entire wedding and reception will be out there so whatever we choose will need to last several hours.

Resolved Question: Will a Towel Rail Heat My Bathroom?

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