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Resolved Question: Hp touchsmart mount wall mount hanger hooks?
need to mount my touchsmart i506 hp does not make a mount this model and I would like to either know how to make one or buy one (under $50 total) or just use somee type off hook or hanger to put it on the wall. I prefer to have a mount of some sort to move the computer around but stationary hooks will do just fine im pressed for desk space. please help thanks

Resolved Question: What guitar wall hanger is better?
http://cgi.ebay.ca/WALL-MOUNT-Hook-Hanger-STAND-for-ELECTRIC-GUITAR-BASS_W0QQitemZ220261078711QQihZ012QQcategoryZ22671QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.ca/Guitar-Wall-Hanger-stand-holder-display-Best-on-Ebay_W0QQitemZ360074456280QQihZ023QQcategoryZ22671QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Resolved Question: How to hang a heavy frameless mirror on the wall without any hooks or hangers attached to the back of mirror?
I have to make a mosaic mirror 100cm x 80cm and its frameless, not sure what I should use or even how to attach hooks or hangers.. I havent started to project yet due to the fact I think i will need to attach hooks 1st beacause im using 6mm marine grade plywood and it isnt thick enough to screw them in from the back. So im starting from scratch.. Help!!!

Resolved Question: Wall hangers for guitars?
my 16yr old has three guitars, two of which are rather expensive (i happen to know, because i paid for the darn things, lol)... anyway, he currently has a separate floor stand for each one in his bedroom - and, those combined with the two amps, mic stands and five guitar cases he constantly switches off using (yes, the kid is crazy), he's got barely any room left for his bed, dresser, tv, and computer desk...(nope, no basement, unfortunately - yes, huge, finished garage with carpeting, heat and a/c - but he's got the "rest" of his gear in there and is leary of keeping his guitars in there, due to increased risk of damage or theft).. so, anyway, he wants to buy a "guitar wall hanger" for each one instead. when i looked them up online, i was thrilled to learn that they're relatively cheap... i want to know if there's a certain type (say, shape of claw/hook/hanger thingy, or wall connector plate/screws) and/or specific brands of hangers that are better than others - any recommendations? oh, and if there's any that you would highly recommend NOT be purchased, i'd appreciate that as well...say, for instance, because the guitars easily slip out of the hanger - or because they break easily...hey, speaking of which, do guitar wall hangers in general tend to break with normal use? does it depend what material they're made out of? oh, and do you need a separate type of hanger for an acoustic-electric than you would for say a standard strat? any advice greatly appreciated. 🙂

Resolved Question: Where to find this wall-mounted hanger hook/rod?
While staying at a hotel last month, our room had a hanger hook thing on the wall. It was like a short (6 inches or so) clothing rod that attached to the wall and had a cap on the end (all metal). It was great to hang a robe or pair of pants on, or to hang clothing on hangers. We thought such a thing would be great for our bedroom, but I have search and searched and can't find anything similar. Has anyone noticed such a thing for sale? It looks like this, but much larger. http://www.thebathoutlet.com/Bathroom-Hook/Modern-Chrome-or-Satin-Nickel-Robe-Hook-ME13_StilHaus-ME13~Buy

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