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Resolved Question: Who do i call for indoor whirlpool spa service?
I recently bought a house. The whirlpool spa in the bathroom does not turn on. The temperature display works, but nothing else will turn on. We messed with the electrical wiring and the jets blew a few bubbles and just turned off. Who do I contact for this type of service? The whirpool make is TraJet - which I've never heard of. I'm not sure what type of repair person I call. The whirlpool also has NO access panels considering it was built into the bathroom 🙁 The repair person would have to create access panels to get to the motors. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciate!

Resolved Question: What is the difference between a whirlpool and air spa tub?
We know what the difference is in HOW they work but not in why. We are researching tubs for a bathroom remodel, but no one seems to know why you would choose a whirlpool (swirls the water around) or an air spa (blows air into full tub). Anyone know what the heck the difference is?

Resolved Question: Best jacuzzi spa brand?
I'm looking to buy a jacuzzi spa for our deck and not sure what the best brands are. Can someone provide some advice? Most interested in types that have lots of jets for therapeutic healing

Resolved Question: Which Type of bath, spa, hydrotherapy ?
I am looking to buy either a whirlpool, spa or hydrotherapy bath, but a bit confused to whay each one does, I have bad tingling in my left leg due to bad spine injury last year, on a recent visit to a hotel i had a go at their jacuzzi, it helped no end with the combination of hot water and bubbles, i cannot afford such, but need some ideas as to which bath would suit best, budget of max £1000 not including fitting, be glad of some help please

Resolved Question: Do you know anywhere in Vegas my partner and I can hire a spa/whirlpool privately for an hour or 2?
i dont want a room overnight with a spa bath, but would love to visit one for a short time, and not share it with other people. thankyou 🙂

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