Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Bed In A Bag
Resolved Question: I need a bed in a bag?
I need a bed in a bag for college. I need an XL twin set. I can't find any good deals. Do you know any good places to shop online for this?

Resolved Question: What is a bed in a bag?
is it an actual bed? most details 10pts.

Resolved Question: Reading books before bed = bags under eyes next day?
i don't normally read before bed, but on the times that i have actually read before bed (about an hour until my eyes are kinda sore/tired), i get bags under my eyes the next day. these are signifcantly darker/purpler than normal and extend further around. is this simply caused by reading at night or maybe im reading in too low light? i use a booklight which is dim, is that not advisable? im interested in other peoples experience with this and whether it is normal and what type factors they do to be able to read at night comfortably!

Resolved Question: Bed in a Bag?
What the hell is a bed in a bag???? They go all the way up to a size california king. its not an air matress so what is it??

Resolved Question: Organic Products: Bedding / Clothing / Bags?
I'm looking for a list of Organic / "Green" Products in the following categories: -Bedding -Clothing -Bags / Carriers

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