Full Bed In A Bag

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Resolved Question: Teen girls bed-in-a-bag?
I'm looking for a full size teen girls bed in a bag something stylish i really like the steve madden juliet bedding. so something like that would be cool. http://www.beddingstyle.com/products/Juliet.asp this is what im looking for. Can somebody please find me a stylish, affordable bedding? Thanks!

Resolved Question: Where can I find a bed-in-a-bag like the one I'm looking for?
I'm looking for a full size bed-in-a-bag set. I like the colors black, red, white, green, tan, brown, and orange. No BLUE please! I'm looking for something somewhat girly, but not to "princess" looking or too busy. I don't want anythign too boyish either. Links to where I can buy these online would be amazing.

Resolved Question: Cute bed in a bag set?
I'm getting a new queen or full size bed and need a cute bedding set to go on it. I had found a really cute floraly-paisley antiquey looking martha stewart one, but it's gone. I like yellows oranges, happy colors like that. Definatly multicolor with alot going on. A little older style is great! Under $ 100 please!

Resolved Question: Teen Bed In A Bag??
Hey! Im 14 gonna be 15 soon and Im redoing my room and I ordered a full bed and matress and everything but I need to know some good and safe websites where I can order a bed in a bag. Preferably because its way easier. Thanks, also if you have any ideas of like colors Im thinking pink? Hmmm... well thanks guys! Thanks, but my birthday's not for a while Im getting a new bed bc ive had one for like ever and believe me.... its time

Resolved Question: Bed in a Bag?
What the hell is a bed in a bag???? They go all the way up to a size california king. its not an air matress so what is it??

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