King Bed In A Bag

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Resolved Question: California King Bedding?
Where can I get California King Size bed in a bag bedding that is cute and funky. Also, please don't say ebay (it would be a little weird to get bedding from ebay). Thanks!

Resolved Question: Where can I find a reasonably priced cal king bed in a bag that's sunny and bright?
I am looking 4 Cal King Bedding that very happy looking 4 my sister who is very ill.? Hello I hope you can help me. I am looking for a Cal King Bed in a bag, bedspread, etc. that very happy looking for my sister who is very ill and will be spending a lot of time in bed. The entire family has chipped in with the medical experiences, so money is tight. The only bed in a bag, comforter sets are all drab and dark colors, and she's a happy colorful person. She doesn't like single colors, she likes flowers or designs. and her favorite color is yellow, and then it's pinks/reds. I have looked @ wards, domestications, j.c. penny, taget, walmart, ebay, and all the regular places where bedding can be found. Please help me my sisters in internet land, ask your friends, neighbors, etc if they have any new places out there where I can purchase one for her to give to her on Thankgiving.Thanks!

Resolved Question: Where a great yet inexpensive place to shop for a california king bed in a bag?
I have been internet shopping for two days now and I can't find what I'd like to buy. I've heard that the economy is terrible and all these stores are selling at 70% off and yet I can't seem to find a store on the internet that sells or has mark downs on bed in a bag bedding. I can't shop in person because of a handicap so yes I do enjoy shopping on line and yet I haven't found any discount stores that are selling at a discount price. I would like to give my bedroom a face-lift with a complete look which is usually found with bed in bag bedding. But I need California king size. So I figure there are plenty of the stores out there hiding on the internet under a ton of well known bedding stores, so if your out there or you know there there. Please point me in their direction. Thanks!

Resolved Question: Will a King "bed in a bag" set fit a Ca. king bed? I don't need the sheets.?

Resolved Question: Wherer can i find affordable quality bed in a bags or room in a bags for king size beds?

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