Buckwheat Pillows

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Buckwheat Pillows
Resolved Question: Are buckwheat pillows comfortable?
I am considering trying a buckwheat pillow. I am looking for answers from personal experience- not cut and pasted from the internet. Have you used one of these? Are they comfortable? Do they provide good neck support? Are the hulls comfortable to sleep on? Any company you can recommend from personal experience? Thanks for the help!

Resolved Question: Found Bugs in my Buckwheat Pillow?
recently I found an infestation of bugs inside my buckwheat pillow. Needless to say I was grossed out by my find. The bugs I found were basically like the ones people find in your pantry/pasta/rice. So now I need to know if there is a way to get rid of these pests without throwing my pillow away or without ruining it, as it was an expensive purchase. I have been searching online for an answer, but mostly I get FAQs from pillow retailers; and those arent helpful as they all seem to state that these pillows are immune from bug infestations. I do live in a humid climate, so I suppose that might be a factor. In anycase, I was hoping somebody that experienced this situation themselves might be able to help. Thanks!

Resolved Question: Does anyone out there use buckwheat pillows?
we both use the buckwheat pillows and really like them. the issue i am having is the buckwheat's natural color is staining our bedding and mattress. does anyone know of any solution? is there different qualities of buckwheat pillows? i know there is a price range but do they all have the same staining issue? thanks for your time.

Resolved Question: Can a buckwheat pillow be washed or cleaned?
I have a buckwheat pillow that came without cleaning instructions.

Resolved Question: Which buckwheat husk pillow should I buy?
Everyone claims to have the best quality buckwheat pillow. "Sobakawa", "Sobagara", "Buckwheat Husk/Hull"... No matter what they call it, trying to find a good brand and company is really hard. Any suggestions? Please no eBay or answers telling me to search the internet. I want answers from ONLY actual buckwheat pillow owners. If anyone has anything against these pillows, I'd like to know what you found faulty about the pillow. THANKS!

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