Down Feather Pillows

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Down Feather Pillows
Resolved Question: Cleaning a feather pillow?
can feather/down pillows be washed like regular cloths, or do they have to be dry cleaned? If dry cleaned, Is dry cleaning all that effective for removing accumulated greasy head odor?

Resolved Question: How does one clean down pillows?
The pillows with feathers in them

Resolved Question: Why do people like feather pillows?
why in the hell does anybody like a feather pillow to sleep on they stink they're hard to wash they poke you in the face they get feathers everywhere they are not user friendly pros: good for the first 2 nights until stems start to poke through and they form to your head. but, if people want forming pillows why not get tempur pedic/memory foam

Resolved Question: How to clean a stinky feather pillow?
my sister came over yesterday to wash 2 of her pillows, she said they were a bit mouldy. (her flat is cold and dank). we washed them at 40'c like a normal load of washing. the foam one was fine that came out ok and dried fine, but the feather one after a rinse and a couple of spins was still sopping wet. we eventually tried ringing it out in the bath after letting it drip dry overnight which seemed not to do anything, the water that came out was brown and stank. how are we meant to clean and dry this stinking pillow? any suggestions will be considered 10pts for the one that works

Resolved Question: Feather pillows?
What is the best way to wash feather pillows at home i have a washing machine but no dryer and i cannot afford to take them to the dry cleaners. can they even go in a washing machine?

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