Foam Pillows

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Foam Pillows
Resolved Question: Stinky memory foam pillow.?
I know this is gross, BUT.... my husbands memory foam pillow stinks to high heaven! He sweats during the night and his pillow is running me out of the bed. The directions only say to clean the cover, HOW do you clean the pillow?

Resolved Question: How to dry a memory foam pillow?
My friend washed her memory foam pillow by hand and now it won't dry. She tried setting it out then she tried the dryer several times. It seems dry on the surface but when squeezed to the middle it is still wet. Do you know how to dry a memory foam pillow?

Resolved Question: Can I wash a memory foam pillow?
I've had 2 memory foam pillows for about 4 years. Can I wash them? And how? Throw them in the washer?

Resolved Question: What is a memory foam pillow?
I have heard about memory foam pillow from someone. What are its advantages and where to get it from.

I recently bought a foam pillow to assist with sleeping issues and I found at times I had weird headaches, allergies developed and sometimes interrupted sleep which was unsual for me. I researched and found some people suffered a variety of problems with foam pillows and mattresses like hives, allergies, irregular heartbeats and itchiness ... Has anyone bought such foam pillows or mattresses and suffered similar problems? Cheers

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