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Resolved Question: Pillow lava?
give me many facts on pillow lava please

Resolved Question: How does one clean down pillows?
The pillows with feathers in them

Resolved Question: What's the difference between between back and stomach pillows?
Is there a difference between pillows designed for people who sleep on their back/side and pillows for people who sleep on their stomach??

Resolved Question: What is the use of pillows?
Why do we sleep with pillows under our heads?

Resolved Question: Sleeping with flat pillow?
Ive started to sleep on a flat pillow because i dont find any other pillows comfortable my mums bought me like 5 different pillows but none of them are comfy so i just found i like sleeping on flat pillows because there comfy. So is sleeping on a flat pillow bad for you? And what does it do? Thanks , em xx

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