Synthetic Pillows

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Synthetic Pillows
Resolved Question: Due to Allergy problems I changed my pillow and duvet over to synthetic this was 6 months ago. The allergies?
went away. However the allergies have returned, This may be due to 1. That synthetic pillows have mytes or mold?? 2. That duvets have mytes or mold. 3. That my wife still uses feather pillows and duvet. Do you think I need to buy new synthetic pillows and duvets? Any other ideas? Many thanks Simon

Resolved Question: Why is one side of the pillow cold?
Why is one side of the pillow cold? Like when you flip your pillow over why is the side you flip over to always colder than the other? Even when you just get into bed its colder, why?

Resolved Question: How can I keep my pillows fresh and clean and keep their original shape?
They are king size with synthetic filling. I heard somewhere to put them outside on a sunny day, but I don't know if that really helps with the freshness. I do use pillow cases. I just notice over a few months they don't seem to be as full as they were. I spent more than $10 a piece on these pillows. More like $30 Big Bull so I'm not going to change them like underwear but thanks. I just bought these pillows like a bout 2 months ago.

Resolved Question: What do you like best... Feathered or Synthetic pillows to sleep with? Why?

Resolved Question: Can I recycle old pillows?
I am ready to get rid of my old worn pillows. Would it be okay if I threw them in the recycle bin or should I put them in the trash ?

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