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Bed Skirts


Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Bed Skirts
Resolved Question: Can I clean a Moldy Bed Skirt?
I just found out the wall that my bed was up against started to grow mold. It seems to have transferred to my bed skirt as well. Is it possible to wash them with bleach, soak them in vinegar, or spray them with some form of mold killer and reuse them? or should I not risk it coming back and toss them?

Resolved Question: What can I use in place of a bed skirt?
I've read that bed skirts are out (yeah, like we all pay attention to that!). Regardless, I hate them anyway - they collect pet hair and dust, they make it a pain in the butt to change sheets and so on. So, I'm looking for creative ideas on what else to do. I have a coverlet that doesn't cover the box spring section, and that does look pretty bad! Pretty coverlet, nice decorative pillows and then seeing the metal mattress frame and the box springs. Help!

Resolved Question: How do i tuck in a bed skirt?
I want to tuck the bed-skirt into the sides. like so: http://www.ashleyfurniture.com/Showroom/Showroom.aspx?PageId=Showroom&CategoryID=17&ItemNo=B175-57&SetDomTab=1&SeriesNo=B175&CollectionId=&style=&PageNumber=1&IsClicked=1&CatPageNumber=2

Resolved Question: Is there such a thing as a bed skirt that fits on the bed like a fitted sheet?
I bought a bed skirt but it fit only around the bottom of the mattress. It was elasticized but not strongly enough to hold it on, It kept slipping off. I want something like a sheet over the bed springs and hangs down. If it is made, what is it called and how can I differentiate between the one I have and the one I want.

Resolved Question: I need a low hanging bed skirt?
I have a queen size bed, and I need to store a full size mattress and box spring under it (I live in an apartment and don't have much room) So I am getting some risers to lift my queen bed up and put the mattress and box spring underneath. But I want to be able to hide it, is there such thing as a bed skirt that hangs really low to cover all of that? Or what do you suggest??

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