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Resolved Question: Need a 14" drop wrap around Cal King bed skirt?
I really need a red gathered wrap around cal king bed skirt. I cannot find one anywhere. I did have one made by a so called seamstress and it is outrageously too big. I have to go with one that has a 14" drop. I cannot lift the entire mattress this size so a wrap around is the best way to go.

Resolved Question: Anyone know where to find a king sized bed skirt with a 24 inch drop?
I have not been able to find one anywhere! I am looking for a simple, white bedskirt. 24 inch drop. Any help or suggestions would be awesome!

Open Question: Can I put a 14 inch king size bed skirt in place of a 18 inch full sized?
Ok so I want a bed skirt. But I live in an apartment for college students and their beds are really high off the ground. It only has one mattress. I needed an 18-20 inch bed skirt but I was thinking if I used one for a king sized bed the excess part that's supposed to cover the frame will allow the hang part to come down lower. 20 inch bed skirts are much more expensive than standard size. $40 was like the cheapest and i could only find them online. However 14 inch ones are available in the store for like $15. I've looked on amazon ebay jcpenney target Walmart etc. If you want to give other suggestions please try to answer the question as well. Or show me exact links. Thanks!

Resolved Question: I have looked all over the world wide web......?
...not a king -sized denim bed skirt to be found. Can someone help me, please I just need a bed-skirt, or "dust ruffle" made of denim to go with my new quilt. It is a Natalie Quilt by Liz Claiborne that I purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Resolved Question: How do i tuck in a bed skirt?
I want to tuck the bed-skirt into the sides. like so:

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