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Resolved Question: How can I modernize a Post Bed Canopy Mosquito Net from kid to adult?
How can I modernize a Post Bed Canopy Mosquito Net from kid to adult? I have a Netting canopy hung over my bed (attached to the celling by tiny hooks) that I got when I was a kid. Here is a picture of the closest I can find to give you a reference. I also am using a really old antique bed that I cannot paint or get a new one... headboard like this: I want to modernize and mature the netting look more because I like the safe protected feeling it offers when I sleep... plus the fabric in the room gives more depth to an otherwise simple space. Would you have any suggestions of things to add, change or different ways to tie or pin back the netting to help improve the look? Thank you.

Resolved Question: Other ways to hang a bed canopy/net that putting a hook in the roof?
I live in a new house and my dad wont let me put a hole in the roof of my room. Any other ways I can hang a canopy on it?

Resolved Question: Is it possible to buy an OPAQUE bed canopy rather than netting?
I'm looking for an opaque bed canopy that attaches to the ceiling and isn't mosquito netting. Does anyone know where I can buy this online from? Thanks

Resolved Question: Canopy net?
hey guys do you think putting a canopy net on a bed is pretty or not pretty and does it make you feel trapped and is it true that if you have a canopy net it makes it hard for you to breath?and traps dust right?Do you guys think I really need it because I don't have mosquitoes in my house.

Resolved Question: Are bed canopies sexy or kid-ish?
I'm 18 years old. I've have one of those bed canopies like this : except the canopy isn't hanging out like that, it's kept behind my headboard. I've had my canopy for about 6 years. Just wondering if people think it's a sexy thing or if it reminds one of something like a disney fairytale. I'll take it down if you guys think its childish.

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