Decorative Bed Pillows

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Resolved Question: Decorative pillows?
Where can I find decorative bedroom pillows like the ones from KoKo Comany [] at a cheaper price. I've already tried Linens N' Things & Bed Bath n Beyond. I couldn't live with myself if I spent $60 on one pillow.

Resolved Question: Can I machine wash decorative bed pillows that have a 100% cotton cover and 100% polyester fill?
The tags don't say...

Open Question: What type of fabrics for decorative bed pillows?
I'm buying fabric online and I can't recall what types of fabric would be suitable for a decorative bed pillow. I want one fabric that has high shine (more so than silk) and another that is soft, matte, not fuzzy in the slightest. Like kona cotton except softer and a higher thread count. Anything come to mind? Thanks.

Resolved Question: What should I look for when buying bed pillows??
I want them to be not too firm but not so soft it feels like i have no pillow. I don't want ones that will go flat in a week. I need 2-4 pillows. And I don't want to spend an arm and a leg. Any tips?

Resolved Question: Decorative pillow help :)?
I am redoing my room and i have a painting of new york and it is like a light and dark aqua and turquoise color i also am using a black and white damask bedding i am really wanting a cool multi colored sequin pillow does anyone know where i can find one. Thank you for all of your help 🙂

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