Feather Beds

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Resolved Question: Feather Bed?
Am thinking of making a purchase of one and would like to know if this addition to a mattress would conduct heat? Live in CA., and don't particulary want to burn up, what with the summer heat. Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks. Should have mentioned that I want to add some softness to our Simmons Beauty Rest mattress, thinking that the featherbed would accomplish this?

Resolved Question: How to clean a feather bed?
I have a queen sized feather bed that has been in the attic. It's about twenty to thirty years old. Is it still worth using or not. If so how could I clean it?

Resolved Question: Are feather beds comfortable?
Are they washable? Can I fold a feather bed? I thinking of getting one for my travel trailer.

Resolved Question: Turning a feather bed into a duvet?
Can you use a feather bed as a Duvet if you get a duvet cover? Would it work?

Resolved Question: Anyone have any feedback on feather beds?
i am thinking of purchasing a feather bed topper or a wool topper - have you tried either and what do you think of the ones you tried? thanks for any info! tinkerbell what size is your featherbed? the drycleaning price doesn't sound too bad!

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