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Inflatable Mattress Air Beds

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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Inflatable Mattress Air Beds
Resolved Question: Air bed or inflatable mattresses are they any good?
I need to buy a bed for 6-7 months. Should I buy an air bed or inflatable mattress. or just a mattress on the floor would be better? any other ideas are welcome.

Resolved Question: How much air should an inflatable bed leak?
Okay, so how much leakage is considered normal for an inflatable air mattress? I've bought three Target brand ones over the course of the last few years, and I've had to return each of them because they have lost air during overnight sleeping. Are they just EXPECTED to leak a little bit and I'm being too picky, or have I had bad luck with the ones I've bought? It seems to me they should stay completely inflated, but maybe I'm not being realistic. What gives?

Resolved Question: Fixing a hole in an ez bed air mattress?
we have 2 ez bed mattress they are about the size of a toddler mattress, we use them everyday because i take care of a couple of kids plus my own during the week. We just noticed that there is a tiny hole in the mattress, only about the size of the tip of a sewing needle, but it's enough that if you lay a child down on it to nap, after about 10-15 minutes it is already mostly deflated. I have already asked this question but was wanting more answers than what i got. I know I need some sort of patch for it but where would I buy one and specifically what type. I'm looking for someone to give me a brand name, something that I can easily look up and find. Thanks all!

Resolved Question: Where can I buy an inflatable mattress/ air bed in Hong Kong?
I need a few things for new flat and can't find anywhere that sells an inflatable mattress here in Hong Kong.

Resolved Question: Really good Air Bed???
I'm in the process of moving to a place with an existing bed and have nowhere to store my current bed. I might just sell my bed and buy an air mattress but don't know if there are GOOD ones out there. I'm interested to know if there are any excellent quality air mattresses that will be a comfy and sturdy bed? Links greatly appreciated! I am in Canada if that helps.

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