Mattress Pads Covers

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Mattress Pads Covers
Resolved Question: I have a heavy mattress pad, do u put the mattress allergy cover over this as well?
The mattress pad is almost like a topper....I assume I cover that as well. Is this correct?

Resolved Question: Where can I find mattress pad cover you can't see through?
Does anyone know where I can find dark mattress pad covers? I need to throw out an old mattress and box spring, and they aren't pretty. Would hate for the neighbors to see them.

Resolved Question: Mattress pad?
Do I really need a waterproof mattress bad for the baby's mattress? Our mattress has a waterproof covering and we put a sheet over it. I figure if the diaper leaks, the sheet will soak it up and then we can clean it/wipe it down. What's your opinion?

Resolved Question: Is a mattress pad necessary for a crib?
I have a new crib and mattress for the baby on the way but I keep hearing about a mattress pad. What is the purpose of this and is it necessary?

Resolved Question: Is latex material or spandex better for mattress pad covers?

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