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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Other Bedding
Resolved Question: Bed bugs??
no i don't have bed bugs..but how do you prevent them?? what causes them?

Resolved Question: How much horse bedding?
if u have a stall mat should u still use bedding?

Resolved Question: Question about platform beds?
what are the pros and cons of a platform bed?

Resolved Question: Does Sears sell good beds?
Just wondering what the quality of their beds are, I have a sears card from a purchase before and maybe get some % off a bed that is worth buying.

Resolved Question: Single or double bed?
Ive got a double bed at the moment and its good for when i have somebody sleep or if i just want to spread out. But im having my room decorated soon and my mums given me the choice to decide between my double or single bed. What would you choose? Double beds take up more room but you can have more space to spread out. ???

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