Waterbed Accessories

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Resolved Question: Help with waterbed desicion?
i reeeallly reallly want a waterbed, but i'm wondering if you need like a special framing or necessary accessories that are going to cost a lot more than if i just bought another regular mattress?

Resolved Question: Where can i buy waterbed mattress conditioner?
what stores can i probably buy the conditioner and accessories for my waterbed at? i live in pa

Resolved Question: I'm thinking about getting a waterbed?
I live in ontario (toronto) and i am thinking about getting a waterbed, but where can i get one like sotes??please help

Resolved Question: What Do I Need For A Waterbed?
i really want to get a water bed but i am so confused. What exactly do i must have for a water bed, i really don't want to spend to much i want to get the requirements for a water bed, i don't want extras or accessories i just want to be able to sleep on it without popping lol so could someone tell me what exactly do i need and it would be awesome to have some links or pictures, thanks =)

Resolved Question: Converting a Sleep Number bed?
I have a 10 year old sleep number that sleeping alone on just doesn't work. I end up rolling in and sleeping on the center foam and then wake up with an aching back no matter what "number" I try. I was thinking about getting a soft side waterbed (always loved those) but then it occurred to me... Wonder if I could just replace the two air bladders inside my current bed with a single waveless water bladder? Of course I know I'd also need a liner, more substantial frame, and accessory kit but it still should be cheaper than a full waterbed setup. Has anyone tried this?

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