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Resolved Question: Tiki Bar Building Plans - Where Can I Find Custom Blueprints in One Place?
The stores don't seem to have the ones I want.

Resolved Question: House Plans (Blueprints)?
My grandparents (Frank / Jeannette Gresham) built there house around 50 years ago. I am really interested in it and want the blueprints from it BUT I WILL ONLY USE THE INTERNET. My grandmother said the bought the house plans from Progressive Farmer Magazine. It is 4-5 bedroom 3 bathroom house and is 2 story. Can anyone help me find them?

Resolved Question: Guide sheet to event planning?
step by step planning guide

Resolved Question: Tiny House Construction Plans: Any website where I can download & customize small building plans?

Resolved Question: What were the standardized building plans for civilian conservation corps camps?
I am doing an intensive study on two local CCC camps in my area. I have the site forms from the forest service for both camps and after a ton of visits to each camp and hours studying the maps and feature descriptions in the site forms, I know the sites inside and out. But heres the thing. No buildings are still standing. Only foundations. I know what the foundations were, but I want to see building plans on what they consisted of. Where can I find these? Even descriptions of standard plans for the buildings work for me. I can't find anything anywhere!

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