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Resolved Question: Over the door mirror hardware?
I purchased a floor length mirror a little while ago from Walmart. Unfortunately, it didn't come with any mounting hardware. I would like to hang it on my door but I'm not sure how. What kind of hardware do I need? (hooks, nails, etc.) What tools do I need? How do I do it?

Resolved Question: Entry door hardware help please......?
If I replace my front door, I might as well replace all the hardware too. What are the top five hardware finishes I should choose between and why (pros & cons)? What is the approximate cost difference between them?

Resolved Question: Can you tell me something about barn door hardware?

Resolved Question: Exterior Double Door Hardware - Finish work?
Completing my house (had to fire the contractor). Anyway, I had purchased a pre-hung 8' double door unit that is pre-drilled for knobs. The unit was pre-hung in the unit with the stationary door hardware alredy installed ( open the one door, then you have to flip the top and bottom levers to open the stationary door). Anyway, the holes were not drilled, nor do I currently have any of the hardware to mount to the top and bottom to ensure the hole do not get wallered out over time. As you can see, I am really not sure of the correct terms for these items and Home Depot is clueless (no, the door unit didn't come from there) Can anyone tell me what I am needing secure this stationary door and where I can get it. Thanks in advance!

Resolved Question: Where can I buy barn door hardware for an interior door?
My wife and I want to hang a door inside our home using a flat track system typically used for barn doors. I've looked online and can't find much, and the few sites that have them are charging something like $400+ for just a few pieces of hardware. Anyone know where I can find it cheaper? Thanks!

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