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Resolved Question: Garage door openers non-functioning?
the hand-held one and the one programmed into the suburban do not open the door anymore...however, the 'doorbell' switch still works. trying the reprogramming technique on the motor is ineffective. Any suggestions, please!

Resolved Question: Garage door openers repairs?
Hi, my garage door wont go down when I press the control remote, so I do it manually, then I press the control and the "thing" goes down, then I go inside and hook it again, press the control and IT DOES GO UP....any suggestions? Thanks.....

Resolved Question: Do garage door openers have reset buttons?
I have a genie garage door opener that stopped working after a major power surge to my home. Is there a reset button somewhere on the unit that might have tripped that I need to reset? If not, does anyone know what might have happened?

Resolved Question: Garage door and garage door openers ?
I have a 2 door garage , both powered not manual , one has a wireless remote entry the other one when i bought the house did not have a remote is it possible to know if a universal one would work , do all of powered garage doors have remotes and if not how can i make it so i can access it remotely ? any help at all would be very appreciated . OK MAKE IT CLEAR I DONT HAVE A MANUAL I DONT HAVE A REMOTE FOR IT IM TRYING TO SEE IF I CAN USE A REMOTE IF THIS OPENER WORKS WITH A REMOTE OF NOT HOW TO MAKE IT WORK WITH ONE

Resolved Question: Replace or repair garage door openers.?
Both garage door openers need repairs (they run but don't engage the chain). The service call is not cheap, and parts and labour have me wondering if I should just have new ones installed. Are there sites that give the life expenctancy of appliances to help determine whether to repair or replace? Thanks.

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