Lumber Plywood And Molding

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Resolved Question: Where can I find wood ply to make molded plywood projects?
I am interested in making molded plywood projects but have not been able to find any source for the individual wood plies. Can you help?

Resolved Question: Where can I get 1" plywood?
im building a guitar and for the sake of a more accurate mold, im trying to get larger plywood. p.s. i live in the nashville area if you know a specific place. home depot and lowes do not carry anything over 3/4"

Resolved Question: What ways can I reduce the awful smell of freshly purchased plywood?
The plywood was just purchased from a Home Depot. It was brought into my home to the second story and it has made the whole story smell like the wood shop at the store--it's absolutely horrible. We've stuck it in a room and closed the door for now--it is destined for use in a bedroom but you would have trouble sleeping with that stench. I've used some Febreeze spray to help the air where I sleep but it still is seeping into the hallway. What products or chemicals could I use to allievate the fumes--smells--whatever it is that is making the wood so unpalatable? Thank you!

Resolved Question: Molds for concrete sleepers?
Additional Details I have to make a retaining wall & I want to bay a mold for concrete sleepers size 1750 x 200 x 75. Do anybody know where to find them or how to make them. Thanks

Resolved Question: Fish tank has mold growing on inside of the wooden hood...?
HI! my 3ft cold water tank which houses a walking fish with wooden hood has mold growing inside of hood,how do i stop this from happening? leaving it abit open is not a option as i have 2 cats. Please help, as i do not want to harm the walking fish nor the tank! Thanks alot 🙂

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