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Resolved Question: Tell me the Nail manufacturing procedure in fasteners industery?

Resolved Question: I look for a catchy slogan for my advertisement of fasteners products mainly nails and screws?
We produce all type of nails and screws including collating nails and screws

Resolved Question: Nails vs Screws (Tin roofing)?
I'm pulling up some tin roofing laying pylwood underneth it. Laying down bitchathyne and puting the tin back down. Should I use nails or screws to put the tin back down. Does it even matter because of the bithathyne. Also the tin roofing isn't flat I had screws with rubber gaskets before. However they have dried and cracked in the sun.

Resolved Question: When did nails and screws become common in home building?
Obviously, nails and screws are the common fastener for home building these days, but I am curious when they actually became the standard? I am having a debate with someone who seems to think that they are necessary to make a nice house, but this person doesn't understand that they use to be very expensive; and as such, most homes were built without them. I just can't figure out when that time frame was. Any help on pinpointing the date would be helpful (with some citations would be preferable).

Resolved Question: Need to know 10 types of fasteners, mainly in carpentry?
We're doing a little test tomorrow in my construction class and i need to know 10 types of fasteners that are used, mainly in wood working. Things like finishing nails, deck screws, galvanized nails, hex bolts, and even adhesives. Any others you can think of? Thanks,

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