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Resolved Question: Building a computer - Hardware?
I'm wanting to build a computer soon but I don't know which hardware is the best and not too expensive. Basically, I want a computer capable of running the newest and latest games but also work well when wanting to do other things such as video editing, entertainment, etc. I'm trying to make a list of the things I'll need to buy -- Motherboard, Video card, Power supply, etc... I could go to some website like newegg.com but I want to make sure that everything I get is the best but also not too expensive. If anyone has any experience in building computers/buying the best hardware, then please let me know EACH thing I'll need to make it run properly and what you consider to be the best buy and would recommend to me. Don't bother taking the time to explain each component or the process to build a computer since I'm not really new to that. Also, thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Resolved Question: Building Hardware devices?
Can anyone give me information of this? I mean things like PDAs, MP3 players, just general how to build, processes etc.

Resolved Question: Computer Building/hardware books??
I am looking for a book that foucsses on what's in computers, the nitty gritty of things, not a how to use book.Any help?

Resolved Question: Who can design & build electronic hardware?
I am learning coding and have a simple App idea. I learn best when making something for real. The app would need hardware that can take relatively low res photos at regular intervals (like a low res timelapse). Save & crop them. Wirelessly transmit them to a smartphone when it is in range. Then delete them. I know nothing of hardware, or even where to look. So how would I go about getting this designed and a prototype made? Thanks.

Resolved Question: What would I major in if I want to build the hardware, not software, of computers? Comp engineering or CIS?
I want to build the hardware of computers. I believe majoring in computer engineering will take me through building software also, which will be a waste of time since that's not what I'm interested in. I need to know if that, or something else, is what I should be majoring in.

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