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Resolved Question: What is the best paints, supplies, paint sprayer ect to use for painting.?
Im painting my 1999 Toyota Tacoma here in a few days, it is completely black. Wheels, trim, windows, ect. "Murdered out" if you will. I want to paint the truck, grille, bumper, fender flares all the same color black to match. Whats a good selection of products to use, it does not have to be perfect, but it is a very good condition truck and I dont want it looking like a rattle can job. Thanks

Resolved Question: Paint Sprayer question please?
I plan on painting the exterior of my house this weekend and have been pricing through several airless paint sprayers. I think I have finally settled on a Wagner Wide Shot from Home Depot. Is anyone familiar with this product or brand? Or for that matter does anyone that has used a paint sprayer have any words of wisdom or advice? Thanks in advance! Once I'm done with the exterior, will the wide shot be suitable for using inside the house?

Resolved Question: Who makes the best airless paint sprayer?
I need something reliable and easy to find parts for.

Resolved Question: What supplies do i need to paint a dodge ram?
like painting supplies reducer hardner

Resolved Question: Graco Paint sprayer 490! won't start!!?
I recently bought a Graco 490 paint air sprayer. I plugged it in and it won't start. I've never used it before and it wont start. Could anyone tell me what's wrong with it? Thanks..

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