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Resolved Question: Windows 7 Laptop Screen off-center. Hardware issue?
My screen is shifted about a half of an inch to the left and about a quarter of an inch down. It is just enough that, of my taskbar, all I can see is the top border and the top of the start button. This is not a resolution or desktop background problem. I've already tested that and have had no success. I believe it is a hardware issue. I've hooked it up to an external monitor and it works fine. Please help. Thank you. I tried to log into Safe-Mode. It is still off center. I've run multiple diagnostic tests and they don't recognize it as a problem either.

Resolved Question: Window screen?
can anyone tell me where i can find a small...11"w x 12"L, window screen for my bathroom window ? i have the smallest window in the world and i need a screen to keep bugs and flies out as the hot weather brings them out. the people in our building seem not to have a clue where to buy them or the name of the installation company. i've looked everywhere and can't find anything for such a small window. i would even like to make one if i can. thanks in advance.

Resolved Question: I need any alternative ideas for window screens?
I live in an old apartment building with no window screens. I need to keep the windows open cause its super hot inside. Outside the squirrels and the yellow jackets want in. Does anyone have any ideas of what i should do?

Resolved Question: Building window screen question?
I built a window screen from scratch today using a 84" 5/16 white bar that you cut yourself. I have done that and have it built and screened. What I forgot to get is the 2 little metal spring-like things on the top that basically hold it in the window. What are these called and where can you find such an odd thing? I don't remember seeing them at the store or it would have made me think of it. Also, is there anyway to add those little black clips that help you pull it into your window frame?

Resolved Question: Windows Problem/Hardware?
I boot my computer up and it goes into a blank screen, So I am going to reinstall windows, it says setup is inspecting your pc config and hardware and all that then the screen just goes blank. Any hints?

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