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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Childrens Dining Items
Resolved Question: Have you heard about those 9 elementary kids In WayCross, Ga?
They had brought a knife and duct tape to the school. Not sure why they were going to harm the teacher..but these kids are in 3rd Grade!!!! This is ridiculous?? Where would they get these items??? And don't parents check their childrens backpacks in the morning anymore? **I wasn't trying to offend anyone about the whole "don't parents check their kids backpacks thing** sorry my mom would always check our backpacks in the morning to make sure we had our homework in there and all papers signed that should be signed....I thought all parents did that..and I am talking for small children k4-4 grade..not older....

Resolved Question: Hi am i to old to be playing with sylvanians?
i am 13 i love them i have a bedroom and a childrens bedroom a nursery bedroom and a family of a mum dad a girl amd a boy amd 6 babies so my question is : 1) am i too old 2) any other good sets i want a house but very expensive 3) anywhere to get them a wee bit cheaper

Resolved Question: What is the best/most legitimate/safest online auction site that is like
I have seen adverts for but am wondering if it is safe or if there is a more reputable one around (not ebay, amazon) one of the ones that sells the things really cheap.

Resolved Question: Cat Pizza --- What Do You Think?
I make it with alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce, and then for toppings I add: small chucks of tuna, sardine bits, and anchovie bits. The finished pizza can be tried out on people before presenting it to the cats. I recommend the neighbors children, during a TV watching Pizza Party, when the room is dark. And do not cram any pizza slices into the childrens mouths, at least not after they start screaming. If the children tolerate the Pizza well, then you are ready to try it on the cats. You can add a bit of heavy cream as a final topping. Place the Pizza slices on small plates and put these on the front porch about 10 feet apart. If you have the knack for making good cat pizza, you will find many takers among the neighborhood cats. Most will nibble eagerly at the toppings. Only a few cats will eat serious amounts of the crust. This is OK. The crusts dry up and can be fed the to birds and the squirrels, who then get fat and delicious, and thus provide lovely dessert for the cats. Birds that are bubbadocious and tree rats that are lardy-butt do not escape all predacious cats of hunting prowess, like my beauty Diana-Meowy-Face, a true huntress of the yard. I'm thinking that the fish related ingredients might be freeze dried, and the alfredo sauce could come in a mylar pouch, and the crust could be like a Boboli perma-crust. Cat pizza could be sold by mail order as a food item at Also it could be a dry storage item at local markets. There would be a little booklet showing how to make the Pizza, and how to stuff it into the mouths of children to test its quality, and how to present it to the local cats as their reward for being so aloof and filled with the dignity of good citizens. Who is with me? I would like to sell this cat pizza product through the same marketing channels, including Emma the Trouble Magnet, (aka Machine Gun toting Highland Venus), who has always been splendid in marketing my products, like my new and improved God's Balls Dogfood IAMSTHATIAMS. By the way the three dog night bed warmer harness is getting a lot of buzz. People have been looking for some use for those fluffy warm lazy useless dogs that do nothing but eat and sleep -- poodles in particular, but also cocker spaniels, and bloodhounds. Always seeking to be the Little Servant of all Mankind -- Dolphin314etc Hurray for Small Business!

Resolved Question: Redectorating the house... IDEAS ACCESSORIES AND TIPS PLEASE!!!!!!?
what kinds of decorating should we put in these rooms any thing will be appreciated!! thanks in advanced! (pillows, candals, curtains, etc!)all paint is benjamin moore brand ~ hallway walls: horizon gray white trim, black long rug, dark silver table against the wall ~guest room walls: morning sunshine white lace curtains, yellow rug ~living room walls: DillWeed (sage green) green chair, beige rug, white brick fireplace, grey curtains, grey couch, glass coffee table ~Dining Room walls:cork red curtains, cherry color wood, red rug ~Den walls: Brookdale Gardens, 1 wall is white wood panel OCEAN THEME, beige couch, white rug ~kitchen walls: smoldering red COUNTRY THEME, walnut wood, island, beige and brown granite, stainless steel refridgerator ~basement walls: cats eye (green) pool table, sand color couch, GAMEROOM THEME ~bathroom walls: lavender ice (light blue) white cabinets, white toilet, pedestal, tub w/ white shower curtains ~bathroom 2 Walls: pale iris stainless steel, grey brick shower, green rug, pedestal, standup shower, tub ~master bathroom walls:cheroke brick pedestal, gold steel rods, white and black tiles ~master bedroom walls: hazy lilac seating window: night shade black and white bed spread, white rug, cherry furniture ~girls room SPRING THEME walls: heather pink hot pink curtains, white furniture ~boys room SPORTS THEME walls: mozart blue red rug, blue chair ~hall/ stairway walls: orange sky white wood, seating area LAST BUT NOT LEAST! ~home office walls: rich clay brown woodsy/cabin theme dark wood desk, lamp with bear ANY LITTLE IDEA WILL BE HELPFUL TOO! THANKS SO MUCH

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