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Resolved Question: Looking for frenchwhite corningware dinnerware will match cookware.?
can't find frenchwhite corningware dishes, plates, mugs, bread and butter plates and bowls. bought my original set in walmart a few years back. they no longer sell set or any of the pieces. please help my search.

Resolved Question: Blossomtime or Apple Blossom dinnerware by Ridgways England and/or Lawley ?Value?
I have a set of antique dinnerware with serving pieces(grandmother's wedding china); there are different marks on the backs of different pieces. but all have Ridgways England. Some have Lawley added. The different pieces have a number stamp on them and the pieces have different small lime green marks under the glaze. These vary, and I cannot tell what they mean -- ?perhaps an inspector's mark??? I am trying to find out the value as I prepare my will and advance directives. Thanks for any help! Shubbles

Resolved Question: What dinnerware pattern is your favorite?
I am shopping for new dinnerware and I cannot make up my mind. I purchased a set online but will be returning it because it looks nothing like it does on the computer. I love wedgewood but cannot afford it. I definitely want china but I don't want to spend a fortune. Let me know if any of you have a favorite pattern and what you love about it. I'll look it up. Thanks for your help!!!

Resolved Question: What comprises a 45 piece china dinnerware set?

Resolved Question: Does anyone have Wedgwood Nantucket Basket Dinnerware and do you like it??
I am considering replacing my everyday china and have been looking at Wedgwood Nantucket Basket as I want white china that also has a lot of serving pieces, but is not as heavy as stoneware. If you have this dinnerware--does the wicker border collect food/spots or does it dishwash easily? What is your experience with this casual dinnerware?

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