Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Flatware
Resolved Question: Mixing sterling silver plated flatware with stainless steel flatware (details)?
Not sure where to post this. I heard somewhere some time ago that it's a bad idea to combine your sterling silver flatware with stainless flatware in the dishwasher because the stainless can cause the silver to warp/rust/fade/become discolored. Is this true? My husband recently bought me some silver plated flatware and I was wondering if this is true.

Resolved Question: Johnny Ubol flatware?
I have inherited a large set of Johnny Ubol flatware (Serving set, salad,dinner, shrimp, seafood forks, soup, tea, coffee, and dessert spoons, butter, steak, and dinner knives). Does anyone know anything about Ubol? Regarding: Indian or Mongolian Not sure. The family says my grandfather picked it up in Thialand while one leave during the Korean War

Resolved Question: How do you care for vintage stainless steel flatware?
I bought some neat stainless steel flatware from an estate sale. It is in the original boxes, from Sears, 1961. The knives have hollow handles, but the rest is solid. Can I use the dishwasher? How do I keep them in good shape? Are they alright to use on a daily basis? And does anyone know what they are worth? Thanks for your response!

Resolved Question: Do you know the design of this flatware?
Does anyone know what type of design this is? http://www.estatesaletreasures.net/servlet/the-177/ONEIDACRAFT-Deluxe-STAINLESS-Steel/Detail I can't find it anywhere and just want to know the name of the design.

Resolved Question: Dinnerware + Flatware set?
I'm planning on buying a dinnerware and flatware set service for 8, i'm willing to spend around $200. I typically want a "casual" set, nothing too fancy, but nothing too cheap. Any suggestions?

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